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WIDTH : The overall dimension of a hinge edge to edge, opened to flat position, across the knuckle.

LENGTH : The dimension of a hinge measured along the pin. Northeast offers the expertise and solutions you need to get the job done right...and within budget. We can quickly respond and accommodate demanding schedules and delivery requirements call us today at 800-882-0120.

measuring hinges diagram

PART CLEARANCE: The minimum dimension between the outer face of the knuckle and the opposing edge of the cutout over the entire range of pivotal movement of the hinge. This may also be measured from the center line of the pin to the cutout in the opposite leaf.

: The nominal or typical dimension of a knuckle. The exact knuckle length is slightly less than the nominal dimension, and the space in the opposite leaf is slightly over this dimension. This allows for ease of rotation without excessive play.

PITCH : The overall length of two adjacent knuckles.


plain type hinge

Plain Type - Not Swaged - Barrel sets above the leaves which are flat or horizontal when opened.

swaging hinge

Swaging - A method of forming either or both leaves up to or beyond, one half the pin diameter.

one leaf half swaged

One Leaf Half Swaged - Where only one leaf is formed up to one half the pin diameter.

one leaf full swaged

One Leaf Full Swaged - Where one leaf is formed around to the full pin diameter. When closed both leaves are parallel.

reverse swag

Reverse Swag - Where one leaf is formed with the effect of reverse hinge assembly. Leaves cannot be closed to lay parallel.


Offset - Where either or both leaves are formed away from the outside of the pin. When closed in parallel position the distance between the leaves measures larger than the diameter of the pin.

both leaves half swaged

Both Leaves Half Swaged - Each leaf is formed to one half the pin diameter leaving minimum clearance between them when closed.

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